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Thursday Terrain Corner

It's Friday Eve. We're almost back to the weekend. I know I'm ready to get there. Though, at the moment, I don't have much in the way of things planned. We'll see if I end up gaming or not. Either way, it's good to make sure that when I do game, my tables look good. We've got a quick Terrain Corner for you today, but it's quite an interesting one.

We have: Monsters of Nature - Special FX & Steam For Tabletop Games

Monsters of Nature - Special FX & Steam For Tabletop Games

The Steam Pod produces what we call "cold steam" (it's not hot!) Over the last year we have been working to produce a smoke effect that tabletop gamers could use for hours and have little to no build up of water on the game pieces. Thanks to Dr. Gearsmith's taming of the beast, the Steam Pod offers almost zero water condensation, especially when used vertically. You can even aim the LEDs inside to light up the Steam with color. How awesome is that?

Steam is great for sewer grates, geysers, lava vents, and volcanoes to name a few. Between the Fog Monster and the Steam Pod we now have two machines to cover all your Smokey FX needs! They are both still gamer friendly with no foul smelling oil, only pure water.