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Thursday Terrain Corner

It's weird how one can go to bed on Wednesday and go, "Man, feels like tomorrow should be Friday by now." And yet wake up on Thursday morning and go, "Whoah, Thursday already?" Time's weird like that.

Anyway, seeing as it is Thursday, that means once more making your gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Battletech Previews New Mats, Character's Hideouts Maps Up On Kickstarter, Devil’s Dungeon II Scenery Out Now, and Cyberpunk Coming to DungeonFog.

Battletech Previews New Mats

A DropShip load of exciting new BattleTech products is heading your way—check out this preview of what’s entering orbit, and then come back on Monday, March 18 at 11 a.m. EST for a new post with links to the new products live in the Catalyst Game Labs store.

Character's Hideouts Maps Up On Kickstarter

Here's what you get at the moment in a click

-10 Maps ( 5 all filled and 5 empty so you can fill them yourselves)

-60+ arts

-1 Bonus map because we had 40 backers in less than a day

-1st stretch goal reached ( so another bonus , I will post the list tonight)

-5 building sketches to go with the maps

all that for 35$ it's a real bargain!!

So for the Stretch goals we have unlocked 50 Items total + the 60 in the pack= Total 110 items

here they are , all yours to play with !

Devil’s Dungeon II Scenery Out Now

The scenery as featured in the Devil’s Dungeon II Kickstarter is now available to order exclusive from the Dark Art Store. Piece’s include: -1x altar of the damned -1x devil’s banner -1x shrouded remains -1x fire place -1x ancient tomb -1x demonic statue 28mm-32mm scale These quality pieces will add character to your battlefield or diorama. Description: pieces are supplied unpainted, and are highly detailed for a realistic look. Material: High quality resin [grey]. Sculptor: Boris Woloszyn

Cyberpunk Coming to DungeonFog

We are excited to announce the release of our 5th setting! Cyberpunk will be released on March 15th (14:00 GMT+1) and will come with 130 new props vailable for all premium members.