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Thursday Terrain Corner

This week is going by nicely. It's certainly been quick so far, at least. Hopefully the next two days go by quick as well and we can get to that sweet, sweet weekend. Though mine will mostly consist of cleaning out the bear den. It's supposed to warm back up some and I could use to do some dusting. So, while I make my domacile nicer, let's make your gaming tables look nicer.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Tabletop Scenics Orc Kustom Freeks Den Bundle Now Available, Paizo Previews Cemetary Terrain Set, New Corn Sacks From Tabletop-Art, and Baueda Releases 15mm Chinese Pavilion.

Tabletop Scenics Orc Kustom Freeks Den Bundle Now Available

Contents of this frames may be used to build one Orc Kustom Workshop and one Orc Troop Transmitta.
This set is 10% cheaper than buildings in the set bought separately.
Instructions are fitted to give guidelines and tips on how to assemble these products.
Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Designed for 28mm heroic scale.

Paizo Previews Cemetary Terrain Set


Now that we've shown off all the figures in the standard Ruins of Lastwall set of prepainted plastic miniatures over the past few weeks, that leaves just the premium set for today's blog. Over the history of the line, we've switched between extra-large figures like dragons and giants and hydras and themed dungeon dressing like the Rusty Dragon Inn and the Court of the Crimson Throne. For Ruins of Lastwall, we suggested a cemetery set to WizKids, who at first seemed hesitant to do it (we later learned that they were doing a similar set in their Icons of the Realms product line). When they heard the pieces we wanted to include, however, they got really excited. The end result is one of the most impressive sets of dungeon dressing I think I've ever seen.

New Corn Sacks From Tabletop-Art

The set includes 6x different cereal bags, suitable for the scale: 28-35mm. The sacks have a very detailed surface, seams are visible and sometimes the sacks are damaged or patched. A great extension for almost every game board.

Baueda Releases 15mm Chinese Pavilion

Code: 15CHP This 15mm ancient Chinese square pavilion is based on several surviving examples, depictions and models. It is designed to be used as a baggage element for any Chinese army and to fit on a standard 40x40mm DBM size baggage base. Traditionally Chinese pavilions are small covered structure with little or no walls, that were initially erected at roadside in the Warring States era more than 2,200 years ago as shelters for soldiers. After China was reunited under the Qin, a unified postal system was established, and roadside pavilions were used for the government postmen on horseback as relay stations. They also provided travelers with a place to take a rest in long journey and a shelter during the rain. Like all other models in this range it is made of tough POLYURETHANE; It comes in a easy to assemble kit: the base and the roof size are approximately 36mm square, the roof itself is 20mm high without the separate top cap. The columns max height is 35mm but can be easily trimmed down at will.