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Thursday Terrain Corner

It's cold out. Like, really cold out. And, I mean, I'm here in Atlanta, which, relatively speaking, isn't all that cold. But back up in Chicago where I grew up... yeah, that's cold. Best to stay inside and do some gaming. With how cold it is outside, it seems all the terrain-makers are taking a bit of a break. Just a quick Terrain Corner for you today.

We have: Grimdark Statues Bundle Available From Bits of War.

Grimdark Statues Bundle Available From Bits of War

This set contains four Hive City Statue models: Hive City Legionary Statue (with four heads to choose from), Hive City Grim Reaper Statue, Hive City Angel Statue, Hive City Saint Statue.

Buying this set you save more than 10% off SRP.

Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Designed for 28mm heroic scale. 

The statues are fully compatible with Imperial Triumphal Arch, fitting every niche and on top of the columns.

Please note that other Kromlech and Tabletop Scenics products seen on pictures are not part of this set and they are sold separately.