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Thursday Terrain Corner

The work week continues along. Wednesday, which for me is usually the longest day of the week, seemed to go by pretty quickly. Of course, I'm happy about that, as it means we're making our way into the latter half and the weekend looms ahead. I know I've got some gaming planned. Hopefully, you do too. And if you're gaming, you want your gaming table to look good. So let's help with that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Paper Dungeon Modular Dungeons On Kickstarter, Adventure in Architecture Up On Patreon, and New Combat Zone MDF Terrain Available From Pwork Wargame

Paper Dungeon Modular Dungeons On Kickstarter

Designed to fit with 25mm, 28mm and 30mm gaming scales, the Paper Dungeon is a set of tiles and papercraft accessories that will allow you to create easily and quickly amazing dungeons.

Adventure in Architecture Up On Patreon

Hi, thanks for making it up to this page.
My name is Jerome. I am a french illustrator and I create hand drawing perspectives for tabletop roleplaying game. I call those maps : Architecture for Adventure.

Let me detail you what you can find here :
This is the place where you can get fully detailed hand drawing perspectives ready to use in any of your RPG setting, wether you are Game Master or Player.
Architecture and Adventure provides you with detailed 3D buildings drawings, easy to use in your adventures.
Architecture and Adventure maps are fun to use and help visualize the location where the action take place. The 3D maps add crunchy details and offer cool action opportunities for everyone.

Take a look, that's what those maps look like.

New Combat Zone MDF Terrain Available From Pwork Wargame

Fantastic new release from Pwork Wargames! New MDF Scenery - Combat Zone 3D terrains!
MDF Scenery - Combat Zone is a new line of 3D scenery terrain sets consisting in some different scenic elements made in MDF material, ideal for science-fiction settings of skirmish and close-combat fights; four Combat Zone kits are available, each one including Sci-Fi watchtowers, multi-floor buildings, walkways and much more. Each kit is composed by a different number of 3D scenic elements, from 2 to 4 terrain elements. Check also the kits bundles, to have more kits with a little discount!
With MDF Scenery - Combat Zone you can make your battles more realistic and more engaging! You can set on your mat awesome fights on multi-level structures, covering behind bulwarks and shooting from ramps and platforms!
The different parts of the 3D scenic elements are pre-cut and ready to assemble, which is recommended to make the use of PVA glue. The assembly instructions of each kit are included in the kit package.