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Thursday Terrain Corner

You know, even with the shorter week we've got going on, I still was thinking today was Friday. Last night before I went to bed and this morning when I got up, I was like, "Woo! Friday!" But then I saw my Thursday shirt laid out for me and I was like, "... oh... right..." Ah well, though it might be Thursday, we can still make the most of it, such as making your gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Pwork Wargame Releases SAGA Battlemats, Official Union Gaming Mat Available From Deep-Cut Studio, Rampage Dungeon Kickstarter Running Now, and zfigs Modular Terrain Tiles Coming Soon.

Pwork Wargame Releases SAGA Battlemats

11 designs are available in PVC material in size 3x4' (92x122cm), compatible with Saga, the Dark Ages skirmish wargame!
The perfect choice for great battles at Saga wargame!
Choose your favourite design to fight bloody battles with your army of Vikings, Saxons, Crusaders or Saracens!

Materials: PVC
Available size: 3x4' (92x122cm)

Official Union Gaming Mat Available From Deep-Cut Studio


Another new game mat this week – official Guild Ball pitch for Union players. Call them mercenaries or criminals, but they have their own turf to prove who is a boss now.

Rampage Dungeon Kickstarter Running Now

Your players will never know what's around the next corner, because with Rampage Dungeon the DM builds complete hallways and rooms then places them on the table as the characters explore.

Swap walls and floors to create endless combinations and stack multiple levels, with a true 1-inch grid, giving you a real RPG game play experience.

Injection Molded from high strength hard ABS plastic, Rampage Dungeons are strong and easily transported as complete rooms

Architects of Destruction has teamed up with Printable Scenery to bring you Injection Molded ABS High Strength Rampage Dungeon Tiles.

zfigs Modular Terrain Tiles Coming Soon

Toy Vault’s latest brand ZFigs will be coming to Kickstarter in late October with a whole new product line: ZFigs Interlocking Dungeon Tiles. These three-dimensional dungeon tiles transform any dungeon crawl into an epic event.
Because of the interlocking nature, rooms can be pre-built and quickly added to a dungeon with a snap. This lets the game master spend more time playing and less time building. Durable and affordable, these are a great purchase for the budget-conscious gamer.
ZFigs Interlocking Dungeon Tiles are scaled to work with any standard 25-28mm figures. Each piece is a 2”x2” square with 1” squares built into the tile. In addition, the tiles can be stacked on top of each other creating multi-level dungeons.
ZFigs Interlocking Dungeon Tiles will have 36 pieces in the base set and will come in both painted and unpainted styles