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Thunder of the Thorn 5th Edition Adventure Up On Kickstarter

GMs on the go need every advantage to keep their games rolling along. Pre-made adventures are perfect for that, as they're usually fairly plug-and-play, being able to be dropped into a campaign as necessary. Thunder of the Thorn is a new adventure up on Kickstarter for 5th Edition. What sort of danger lurks in the deep woods? (all sorts, so it would seem)

From the campaign:

This gripping, 128-page D&D 5th Edition adventure module whisks players and game masters away to the Ragweed Tumble, a deep woodlands filled with wonder and mystery. Strange events are afoot within the tumble's opaque borders and heroes are needed if the forest is to weather the coming storm.

More than a century ago, the Ragweed Tumble was a mundane, ordinary sort of place called Goldacre forest. Then, everything abruptly changed when the benign, clement woodlands became afflicted with the kind of verdant overgrowth more befitting a dense jungle. The prolific spread of plants and vegetation culminated in huge, vine-like growths that towered the height of trees emerging throughout the forest.

Fast forward to today, and the tumble appears to be in a state of flux once more. Though this time, the metamorphosis is far more disturbing and has much more troubling implications. The forest appears to be expanding again after a century of harmonious balance. A surge of violent earthquakes and tremors shake the treetops, causing sinkholes and fissures to form in the forest floor. Scattered reports speak of vicious animal attacks. Paths are voraciously consumed by undergrowth. And, an inexplicable malaise spreads throughout the tumble like wildfire.

Linora Luddington, the leader of the forest's settlement of Raggers Hollow, has set out the call for 'brave adventurers and intrepid dungeoneers' to seek her out in the tumble. For reasons their own, the PCs have heeded that call. Though, what awaits them beneath the murky canopy of a corrupted realm of trees, magic, and fey remains to be seen.

The campaign is up and over its funding goal with 12 more days to go.