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Three New Worldbooks For North America in Rifts for Savage Worlds Up On Kickstarter

There's a trio of new sourcebooks for North America's Rifts books set in the Savage Worlds system up on Kickstarter. The first looks at Arcana and Mysticism. The other is a look at dark heroes facing against the Xiticix Hivelands. Then there's one looking at the various Empires of Humanity. You can check out the campaign now.

From the campaign:

The Tomorrow Legion faces off against new apocalyptic threats from the darkest corners of North America and Earth's ancient past!

Building on the incredible success of Rifts® for Savage Worlds comes three new 192-page Worldbooks further detailing the factions, locations, and threats of Rifts® North America. Inside you'll find new allies, armaments, and abilities to aid Tomorrow Legionnaires in their fight against the evils of the Megaverse®.

  •  Arcana & Mysticism:  Explores the Federation of Magic, Psyscape, and Techno-Wizard enclaves throughout North America, and the dire threats hiding within. 
  •  Blood & Banes: Details the struggle of dark heroes against the alien Xiticix Hivelands, encroaching Vampire Kingdoms, mysterious Dinosaur Swamp, and insanity of Madhaven. 
  •  Empires of Humanity:  Brings to life the wonders of human civilization from the Coalition States to the New West, and uncovers the secrets of the east coast.

All three books are 192 pages, hardback, and full-color throughout!

The campaign's something like 25x funded with 18 days left to go.