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Three New Symbaroum Products Available From Modiphius

There's not one new release available for Symbaroum from Modiphius. Oh no. Not even two. There's three. And it's a good mix of everything. You have Adventure Pack 3, which is filled with, well, adventure. Then, there's the Monster Codex, with lots of stuff you can throw at your players (literally, don't actually throw the book at them). Then there's the Monsters & Trais Cards, to help you keep track of things without having to flip through pages all the time.

From the announcement:

Today we're really pleased to announce the release of three new products for Jarningen's awesome dark fantasy RPG, Symbaroum, Adventure Pack 3, the Monster Codex and the Monsters & Traits Cards.

Adventure Pack 3, the Monster Codex and Monsters and Traits cards are available as both print and PDF products as part of our ever-growing Symbaroum Collection!