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Threats Database Sci-Fi Bestiary Now Available

Space is big. Really big. ... *blinks* Weird...

Anyway, Alligator Alley Entertainment is here to expand your possible number of aliens and other strange creatures your players might encounter with the release of their Threats Database sci-fi bestiary book. If you're playing Esper Genesis, this is a must-have book for new things to fling towards your players (literally or figuratively).

From the website:

A new bestiary of creatures, great and small, expands the universe of Esper Genesis, the 5e powered game of heroic sci-fi adventure by,Alligator Alley Entertainment. Already due for a reprint, the ENnie-nominated Esper Genesis game and the Threats Database are both fully compatible with the 5th edition of the world’s most famous fantasy role-playing game.

Better yet, all of the beasts in the ThreatsDatabase can be dropped into any 5e setting, providing GMs with new challenges to mystify and scare their players. The core game’s ThreatsDatabase presents a wealth of unique beasts and aliens that are both awe-inspiring and terrifying. Each creature comes complete with its own lore which ties into the Esper Genesis setting or can be integrated with a 5e setting of your choice.

 “If you play 5e and love sci-fi, you’re going to love the ThreatsDatabase,” said Rich Lescouflair, Esper Genesis Lead Designer. “It’s got everything you need to enhance your game with futuristic monsters and mayhem.”