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This World is Not Yours RPG Up On Kickstarter

Family. Legacies. Generations. What we do now has an effect on who will come after us, just as seemingly innocuous things your ancestors did had an effect on you, without you even knowing it. This World is Not Yours is an RPG that looks at such actions over the course of generations. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

In this world is not yours, one player plays the roles of numerous families over the span of four generations, while the other person plays the role of the house they live in. Over time, the families change and grow, while the house remains as it was, yet still changing and growing with the families as they do. 

Players alternate taking turns exploring three different elements of their shared history: Events, Environments, or Emotions. These are written on notecards and laid out between players, creating a visual representation of what is left behind. 

Events affect the Family player. These are big or small, life-changing or mere blips on a radar. When the House player chooses an event, they also choose which generation of families it affects. The Family player responds to the event in whichever manner they choose.

Environments affect the House player. Like Events, these can be anything that changes the House, be it the physical nature of it (wallpaper, solar panels, construction or demolition) or events that affect the House's surroundings. The Family player chooses the Environment, leaving the House player to respond how it affects them, exploring the story.

Emotions affect both the Family and House players. Either player can choose an Emotion. Emotions are used to capture feelings (loneliness, longing, exhaustion, joy) that occur, thus allowing players to explore deeper.

This continues until each Family Generation has two or three of each Element.

The campaign's more than 8x funded but only has 9 days left to go.