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They Feed On Fear Horror RPG Up On Kickstarter

In most horror RPGs, the players are the "regular people" in the world that are trying to defeat the monster or otherworldly being that's causing problems. But in They Feed on Fear, you get to actually become the monster. Create your own Fear-Eater and have them sow terror in the world. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

They Feed on Fear: A Horror RPG is an RPG system that allows the players to create and take control of Fear-Eaters, horrific inter-dimensional beings that sustain themselves by devouring the fear/essence of their victims. Players name their Fear-Eater, create their appearance, behavior, background, and mythology. The players must then stalk their way through the world outlined by the game master, called the Provider. Their goal is to sow discord, fear, and horror, all while avoiding the feeble attempts to end their rampaging unquenchable feast.

In the quaint and quiet town of Haven's Reach, neighbors smile at each other, doors are left unlocked, and children play in the streets. 

There is something sinister taking root beneath the idyllic community. For those wary enough to notice, strange things have been happening; pets have started to go missing, shadows seem to move on their own, and the whole town seems to be under a daze. 

Neighbors shouldn't smile at each other, doors shouldn't be left unlocked, and children shouldn't play in the streets. The kids are not alright. 

The campaign's making its way towards 3x funded with 12 days left to go.