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There Was a Boss Fight! Encounters Up On Kickstarter

When you've got a group of encounters ready for your party, you wanna end that with a big boss fight. It's not really all that thrilling when you head through a dungeon or evil castle and it all just sort of "pfft" ends. No, you want that climactic battle at the end. That's where There Was a Boss Fight! comes in. It's a new book up on Kickstarter that focuses on encounters that end with, well, a boss fight.

From the campaign:

There Was a Boss Fight! is a series of pre-made encounters for 5th edition that focus on an ending fight with a “boss.” Each boss has its own background and unique mechanics, but are designed to be easily adapted into your own story. Perfect for a onetime adventure or the culmination of a campaign.  

These encounters are written, designed and playtested by Ryan Forgione. They are edited by the amazing Rico Gilbert, and feature artwork by the incredibly talented Alyne Leonal.

The campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 24 days.