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The Veil: Inheritance RPG Expansion Book Up On Kickstarter

Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert!

Ok, so The Veil doesn't center around giant robots, but you can certainly have one in the party. And it might help, as the new Inheritance expansion is taking you out to the colonized planets. This new expansion book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Veil: Inheritance is a supplement for The Veil RPG, a cyberpunk roleplaying game Powered by the award winning Apocalypse Engine. It was Kickstarted successfully almost three years ago. 

In The Veil, humanity has the technology to perceive both the digital and the physical in a blended, hybridized reality via neurochips that are implanted into almost every person. This Veil has become the new reality. It is ubiquitous and it is pervasive.

The game gives you everything you need to extrapolate a cyberpunk future from our present. It places interesting, compelling characters that drive the fiction at the center of the game while enabling everyone at the table to contribute what they like about cyberpunk to the fiction.

The second book, The Veil: Cascade, introduced a mechanic for flashbacks and had 6 new kinds of characters. It also advanced the timeline. In Cascade, players are Glitches people whose neurochips were salvaged and put into human bodies devoid of consciousness called Slacks. They awaken into a foreign future and, because of their antiquated neurochips, don't have access to all of their memories. It puts the players' questions about themselves and the ways in which the world has changed at the center of the fiction and allows for players to continue playing their previous character from the core Veil game. 

Inheritance is the next step. The third book, it advances the timeline even further into space and colonized worlds. The below campaign page goes into detail about Inheritance and the mechanics of the game, in broad strokes. 

The campaign's a bit more than 2x funded with still 25 days left to go.