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The Twilight Dream 5th Edition Setting Book Up On Kickstarter

The Twilight Dream is a new fantasy campaign setting for 5th edition that puts players in a strange and mystical version of medieval Europe. There, the British Isles are filled with floating islands and magic academies. Meanwhile, the continent is dealing with life changing at a rapid pace as new technology is created and refined. If you're looking for a new place to set your D&D games, check it out and see if it's the right setting for you. The guide is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Twilight Dream is a 100+ page original campaign setting and adventure guide for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. This illustrated PDF takes players on an epic adventure inspired by the rich fantasies of the British Isles. You play as a group of high school students at Camelot University who, after discovering their extraordinary magical powers, are thrust headfirst into a battle to save two worlds from the mad ambitions of the Night King. The Twilight Dream is a secret world of magic and monsters, sky islands and scheming elven queens. Europa meanwhile is a land in the midst of great change as new technologies rapidly transform life for her people. Railways, ice cream, electricity and motion pictures exist side-by-side with kings and castles. It is an exciting time, full of interesting characters and new opportunities, and most of all – adventure!

The world of The Twilight Dream was inspired by the rich stories of Gaelic, Celtic and Brythonic folklore and mythology. It also borrows from Norse, north German, and later Christian traditions. The story is set in a time period roughly equivalent to the late American Wild West, a time of great societal change as technology brought humanity into the modern era. It was my intention when making this setting to capture the spirit of the source material in a way that was respectful to the original cultures and traditions, while not being strictly defined by their history. Lovers of history and mythology will find many nods to familiar characters and stories reimagined for our fantastical world.

By supporting our campaign on Kickstarter, you are helping us to bring this world to life through artwork created by our team. Campaign funding goes to the art budget for the book, and the more available funding we have, the more wonderful artwork our team can can create for the book.

This book features original artwork, new classes, backgrounds, magic items, spells, sinister villains, monsters and more. Join us on our adventure in The Twilight Dream!

The Kickstarter campaign's up and underway now. It's got 13 days left to go.