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The Travellers Guide to Prymordia RPG Setting Guide Up On Kickstarter

Tired of all the regular RPG settings? Want something a little different for your players to explore around in? Then you'll want to check out the The Travellers Guide to Prymordia Kickstarter. This setting guide is system-neutral, so no matter what rules set you're using, you can add it on in.

From the campaign:

Within these pages you will find overviews of the various regions of Prymordia, and information on its locations, people and creatures to enrich an established roleplaying game or as a gateway to new stories and adventures of your own in the ever growing setting of Prymordia.

  • Details of the various races that can be found within the Nightfall Empire and beyond.
  • A compendium of creatures great and small, descriptions of their habits and their place in the ecosystem.
  • Towns, cities, landmarks and oddities (constructed, natural and unnatural) for all your sight-seeing and exploration needs.
  • Maps! Battle maps & region maps (powered by DungeonFog)!

The campaign's halfway to its goal with 53 days left to go. Yeah, you've got some time to save up your nickels for this one.