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The Sword Marches Skirmish Wargames Global Play Test Happening Now

When you want to make a game as clean as possible, you gotta make sure all the strange grey areas in the rules are worked out. Having a development team can help, but in the end, they'll only find so much. Having more eyes on a project means more things will be found. That's why Strategic Elite is running a global playtest for their The Sword Marches skirmish game.

From the announcement:

We here at Strategic Elite are pleased to announce our latest miniatures skirmish wargame in our line of products based on the Origins 2013 Nominated Brink of Battle: Skirmish Gaming through the Ages system. After the success we had with Scrappers: Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish Wargames published by our friends at Osprey Games, we decided to return to the Fantasy genre and build upon the foundation laid by our Epic Heroes: Skirmish Gaming in the Realms of Fantasy expansion for Brink of Battle. This new game is called… THE SWORD MARCHES METAL SWORD & SORCERY SKIRMISH WARGAMES What do you mean by “METAL SWORD & SORCERY”??? The Sword & Sorcery subgenre of Fantasy fiction was started by Robert E. Howard with his Conan stories. Fritz Leiber added his Lanhkmar books of Fafhrd & Grey Mouser and then Michael Moorcock’s Elric and Karl Edward Wagner’s Kane tales expanded the genre. And let’s not forget about Clark Ashton Smith’s monumental contribution to the list with his Zothique and Hyperborean stories. All of these authors inspired a special category of fantasy fiction, and when Frank Frazetta chimed in with his amazing artwork, a span of other great artists filled in the rest. And then Heavy Metal music found a kindred spirit...add it all up and you have Metal Sword & Sorcery, a no holds barred setting of street level heroes with mighty thews and sharp steel carving their way to victory over scheming wizards and otherworldly threats!