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The Spy Game RPG Up Now On Kickstarter

Players often will hang on to rules systems the like and not be too thrilled about having to learn a new one for a game. Saying, "it's a rules sysem you already know" is a good way to get someone to join your game. So, if you have friends that know and love the 5th Edition rules, but you want to play something with more espionage, The Spy Game is just right for you. The new setting and campaign guide is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Delve into a world of spies, assassins, diabolical masterminds and suave secret agents. 

Peer behind the curtain of society into the world of the Agencies and take your place as a world class spy. Together with your crew of con-artists, specialists, infiltrators and hackers you will influence, subvert and overcome any challenge.

Will you topple corrupt governments or protect the interests of the highest bidder? Will you take out the target before they achieve their aims, or aid them? Will you counter worldwide threats, or become them yourselves? The Spy Game places your own intelligence agency on the world stage, where the promise of adventure waits for you!

The Spy Game is a modern 5E roleplaying game of international espionage and adventure, presented in a hardback core rulebook, brimming with full-color illustrations, missions, villains and super spies. Our goal is to create a standalone spy experience with the familiarity of 5th Edition.

The campaign's about 1/3 of the way to its goal with 37 days left to go.