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The Spirit of Gamers Magazine Issue 2 Now Available

Well, they made one, so they figured they'd make another. And I am certainly happy they did. The second issue of The Spirit of Gamers magazine is now available for your downloading and reading pleasure.

In this issue:

This issue is 80+ pages and includes a stack of game reviews as well as features on Box Design, Taoist-Inspired Games, The Making of Darien Apocalypse and a new Solo Spotlight column. From their Twitter page: A new gaming magazine launched at the UK Games Expo... The SPIRIT magazine is the spiritual successor to both Sumo and Counter... with an emphasis on rules, mechanics, and of course, game reviews... You can get the latest issue of The SPIRIT totally free... the first issue includes reviews of Civilization: A New Dawn, Maximum Apocalypse, and many more... Plus a regular column from Mike Siggins... And all totally FREE!