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The Skaldwood Blight Adventure Path for Pathfinder Up On Kickstarter

You might get a pre-made adventure that'll get your characters a couple levels, but The Skaldwood Blight is an Adventure Path for Pathfinder that's designed to take players from level 1 straight on through to level 20. This new super-adventure is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Skaldwood Blight Adventure Path is a complete campaign for Pathfinder Second Edition, taking characters from 1st level all the way to 20th level in a massive book over 250 pages long! A demon lord has invaded the far northern land of stalwart barbarians, righteous priests, and mysterious fey. Can the heroes uncover the demon lord's many plots, vanquish his minions, and save the Northfells from corruption and destruction? Here is your chance to save the land!

   The Adventure Path's setting, the Northfells, can be easily dropped into any campaign world. There's plenty of wilderness adventure, but the Skaldwood Blight's heroes must delve dungeons, infiltrate insular cities, and negotiate with supernatural forces for vital aid. There's something in the Skaldwood Blight Adventure Path for every player!

   The Skaldwood Blight Adventure Path began when Paizo, Inc. developer (and veteran adventure author) Ron Lundeen set out to build a compact yet complete adventure path from the ground up on his blog at The pieces of the Adventure Path have now been compiled, expanded, and reconfigured into a massive book presenting an entire campaign, complete with art, maps, designer commentary, and more!

   This 250+ page book contains everything you need to run the campaign, including:

  • 20 chapters of adventure, one for each level of play, in a thrilling, danger-filled campaign!
  • An overview of the Northfells, a hard region of ice and fury. Menace lurks in every proud city-state, along every trail, and in every frost-shrouded forest!
  • Unique backgrounds suitable for any character!
  • Copious art and maps by industry veterans!

The primary text is already written, and in editing. An initial layout treatment has also been done, and some art assets are in place. The following 2-page preview have (pre-edit) text outlining the 20 chapters of the adventure!

The campaign's up and over its funding goal with 22 days left to go.