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The Six-Legend Soul (War for the Crown 6 of 6) Now Available On Roll20

Gaming is a worldwide pastime. I've got friends that game in Kuala Lumpur, Gothenburg, Sao Paolo, Seattle... a little bit of everywhere. Obviously, they can't pop on by to roll some dice. But Roll20 still lets us get together for a session if we want. And for those that have been playing the War of the Crown adventure path, the 6th and final installment, The Six-Legend Soul, is now available.

From the website:

The final chapter of Paizo’s “War for the Crown” Pathfinder Adventure Path has arrived on Roll20! Finish the tale and decide the fate of a nation in The Six-Legend Soul, available now on the Roll20 Marketplace for $24.99.

The Six-Legend Soul is the sixth and final chapter in the “War for the Crown” series, all available on Roll20 as complete conversions with dynamic lighting, one-click actions, and a wealth of other bells and whistles. If you would like to review this complete product, press review copies for all six chapters are available upon request!