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The Rat's Lair Card Game Available From Zadorf

I mean, nobody really wants to go down into the sewers. But, if you know that there's precious artifacts down there, you might change your mind. The Rat's Lair is a new solitaire card game of exploration that's available now from Zadorf.

From the announcement:

The rat’s lair is the first adventure in what will be a series of mini solitaire card games. Each adventure will be a unique stand-alone game that requires you to collect various items to help you defeat the evil Lord Zadorf in the final adventure.

The rat’s lair is a tile placement game where you must venture into the foul smelling, rat infested sewers in search of five artefacts lost long ago in the great floods.

Explore the vast sewer network by connecting stepping stones and search for the five missing artefacts whilst avoiding the killer rats which infuriatingly block your path.

Find torches to help you progress through the pitch black tunnels, poisons to help you avoid the rats, and collect as many artefacts as you can before making your way back to the sewer entry point – easier said than done!

Just making it out of the sewers with your life could be seen as a success, but you are going to need at least one or two artefacts to help you in your quest against the evil Lord Zadorf. Three or four would be preferable and escaping with all five should be your ultimate goal, but maybe a step too far!