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The Pyramid of Khufu Card Game Up On Kickstarter

For the Egyptian pharoahs, much of their life was spent preparing for their death. They needed to build a grand tomb. They needed to get together sacred objects to go into said tomb. They needed to make sure their bodies were ready to be prepared for interment. It was quite an ordeal. And that's where you find yourself in The Pyramid of Khufu. Can you get your pyramid and burial items together first? The new card game is up on Kickstarter now. Proceeds from the sale of the game will go to Velindre Cancer Centre, UK.

From the campaign:

You are the Great Pharoah Khufu, and your great and glorious reign is coming to an end. In order to become a ‘being’ of the afterworld, you must ensure that your mortal body is safeguarded and recognizable by your spirit. While your embalmers are well instructed on the methods of mummifying your physical body when the time comes, your pyramid is not yet complete. Not only that, but you must fill it with 9 sacred items, entice the Gods to bless your tomb, and finally place the capstone atop your magnificent pyramid and earn your place in the pages of the history books.

Game End

The game ends when one of the two Pharoahs (players) completes their pyramid by collecting all 9 sacred items, at least 9 Gods (each item having been blessed by a God (or two!)), and placing the capstone. However, being the first to place your Cap Stone does not necessarily make you the winner or indeed the greater Pharoah!

You cannot place the Capstone without first placing all 9 items into the pyramid, and at least one God being tucked behind each item. (The Capstone does not need a God.)

Capstone – The Capstone, or Pyramidion, was the final piece of the pyramid. It locks the rest of the blocks together, therefore making the structure strong. Interestingly, the capstone from the real Great Pyramid – Khufu’s Pyramid – is missing…

The campaign is just up and over its funding goal but only has just over 2 days left to go.