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The Player's Guide to Oranth Up On Kickstarter


It's what players want for their characters. With every new set of options, players can create a character closer to what they have in mind. If you're playing in the world of Oranth, or even if you're just playing in any fantasy setting, you might want to check out The Player's Guide to Oranth, up on Kickstarter now. It's full of new options for how you can put your characters together.

From the campaign:

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the project page for the Player'sGuide to Oranth (PGtO) campaign book. We're really excited to have the opportunity to offer the second product tied to the world of Oranth -- this time specifically focused on all sorts of player options! Within the product, you'll find a whole host of new ways to customize your characters, both for campaigns set in Oranth, and for other fantasy settings you may be playing in already. Our goal is a product with a wide array of utility. 

To that end, the book will be arrayed in two sections: 

(1) The Campaign Setting of Oranth. An approximately 10 page guide to the world that contains notable factions, cities, regions, and a few of the key players in any campaign. Also included is a highly detailed world map for you to reference. If you are running Knights of the Shadow Realm, this will greatly assist the players in their knowledge of the continent without spoiling the adventure itself. 

(2) New Player Options. The initial product will contain 4 new playable races, 5 new subclasses, 8 new backgrounds, and a small collection of new spells. Our stretch goals listed below seek to expand this section of the book with even more options!

The campaign's about halfway to its goal with 18 days left to go.