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The Op Games Releases Solo Play Rules For Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

Isolation. Social Distancing. We're not supposed to be near one-another. No matter what you call it, if you're like me, you've not even seen another human in real life in over a week. So, how are you supposed to play your favorite games? It can be difficult. Thankfully, companies are putting out solo variants of the rules for many games. For example, The OP Games has released solo rules for Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, so you can take on you-know-who all on your own.

From the post:

If self-isolation has you wishing you had more ways to enjoy your favorite board games minus the company, look no further for a little magic from this week’s Wizarding Wednesday! Our esteemed designer Kami has provided us with new solo play rules for an installation in every Potter fan’s game closet—Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle!

The popular, regularly cooperative deck-building game is normally for 2-4 players, allowing you and your friends to play as Harry Potter™, Hermione Granger ™, Neville Longbottom™, and Ron Weasley ™ to protect the wizarding world from evil foes. Now you can take on the challenge of enhancing abilities all on your own to defeat the villains of the game, with the same story that follows the movies and increases in difficulty as you play through all seven adventures!

Just like learning a new spell, these official Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Solo Play Rules will have you studied up in no time to be rewarded with even more replay-ability, perfect for enjoying a single-player game night with a personal serving of butterbeer and English toffee.