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The OP Games To Make Licensed Versions of Spot It

Spot It (also know as Dobble to some) is a great, family-friendly card game that won the praise of gamers and critics alike. Soon, new versions of it will be coming out that have been reskinned with various licensed properties. That's because Asmodee and The OP Games have reached an agreement to join forces to bring these new versions to your tabletops.

From the article:

Usaopoly (The Op), announced today that it has signed a licensing agreement with Asmodee to release licensed versions of Spot It!, a multi-award winning pattern recognition game that launched in 2010 to universal acclaim.Also known as Dobble, the quick-playing family game is most recognized by its uniquely illustrated deck of 55 circular cards, each featuring eight various symbols. With always one symbol in common between any two cards, the game’s fast-acting objective is to be the first to spot a match and grab that card, prompting the next in the deck to be revealed, then quickly surveyed and claimed. Once the deck is depleted, the player with the most collected cards wins.