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The OP Games Announces The Batman Who Laughs Board Game

The fifth series in the popular Rising game line, The OP Games is happy to announce The Batman Who Laughs. I have to admit, being a Marvel bear, myself, I don't know much about this one. Apparently, The Batman Who Laughs is what you get if Batman and The Joker got into the teleportaion pod from The Fly. There's a disturbing thought. But soon, you'll be facing off against this strange abomination.

From the post:

One of DC’s most sinister characters is bringing his darkness from the comics to the tabletop, but don’t let the familiar silhouette fool you—the sight of this twisted villain from the Dark Nights: Metal series will make you do a double take. The latest to join the ranks of board games’ greatest foes is coming soon in The Batman Who Laughs Rising!

The multiverse’s disturbing cross between The Caped Crusader and The Joker™ will be the epicenter of conflict in The Op’s newest cooperative card and dice game, in which players work together and recruit key Super Heroes to dominate a host of Super-Villains. In The Batman Who Laughs Rising, a passage from the Dark Multiverse has allowed the most dangerous evildoers to infiltrate Gotham City, and these Dark Knights alongside their menacing leader are eager to do their worst to the city.

Save the multiverse and do battle with Power, Purpose, Determination, and Justice with four starting heroes: Wonder Woman™, Green Lantern™, Hawkgirl™, and Batman™, each with their own teams and special abilities. Prominently on the opposition stands a custom sculpted, full color figure of The Batman Who Laughs, crazed and commanding a fistful of chained Evil Robins™. As the demonic leader doles out damage wherever he turns, regain control by empowering Allies such as Harley Quinn™, The Flash™, and Cyborg™, whose skills can complete objectives or help recover what is lost to darkness. Take out villainous versions of Batman such as The Merciless™, The Dawnbreaker™, The Murder Machine™ and more before facing off with the psychotic Joker-ized antagonist himself!