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The OP Games Announces Hues and Cues

"Candy apple red." "Sky blue." "Cammo green." There's a lot of nouns that tend to go along with a lot of colors. Matching the the color based on noun clues is what you'll be trying to do in Hues and Cues, a new guessing game coming this summer from The OP Games.

From the post:

What color do you associate with the word “apple”? Some may picture a delicious deep red, while others might imagine a pale yellow. You’re given another two words: “Granny Smith.” Now, from your knowledge of the puckering fruit used in tarts, you definitely envision a vibrant green. Thanks to the second and more specific hint, you’ve nailed the intended color. This is how you’ll play Hues and Cues, a guessing game of colors and clues from The Op, also known as Usaopoly, this summer!