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The OP Games Announces Harry Potter: House Cup Competition

At Hogwarts, throughout the year, the different Houses are engaged in a battle for points. Many things can bring honor or dishonor upon your House, causing a gain or loss in points. In the end, only one will be the winner. And that's what you'll be trying to be in the Harry Potter: House Cup Competition board game.
*puts on yellow jersey* Go Hufflepuff!

From the announcement:

The newest way to represent your favorite Hogwarts house is coming this summer with Harry Potter: House Cup Competition!

Only the brightest future witches and wizards compete in The Op’s first Wizarding World™ worker placement game! In this new competitive game, players will act as iconic members of Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin to earn the most points and win the coveted House Cup.

Strategic choices are needed in Harry Potter: House Cup Competition as it recreates the joy and house pride among students vying to stand out at the end of the school year. Players will have three wizards-in-training as their student “workers” who will need to gain knowledge in classes like Charms, Potions, and Defence Against the Dark Arts, while completing challenges to bring glory to your house. Deciding the best ways to increase your knowledge will unlock more possibilities and score more points!

A unique scoring display will allow players to track their progress and reward the most successful strategies with a victory for your house. Keep an eye on The Op’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more details on how you can play Harry Potter: House Cup Competition this summer!