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The Nuadan Chronicles RPG Coming to Kickstarter

BrokenDice has been working hard creating a new RPG that they are bringing to Kickstarter soon. It's called The Nuadan Chronicles and it's a series that blends sci-fi with magic and a touch of post-apocalyptic all thrown into one. Head over to their website and check out just what this new system will bring.

From the website:

Seven hundred years ago, the Cataclysm flooded the world, broke the greater moon, and drove humanity to the brink of extinction and despair. Centuries passed and from the chaos of the nascent Second Age arose six great nations, young and full of promise. Yet darkness lurks in the forgotten corners of the world, monsters that will never forget, or forgive, the cruelties inflicted upon them. Armed with old magic and new technology, humankind is poised to reclaim the glories of the past. Will you defy the fate of your ancestors? Or succumb to the shadows within? The choice is yours…