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The Mists of Akuma Mega Adventures Kickstarter Happening Now

Having a pre-made adventure makes the GM's work so much easier. They can still play around with it and add in their own touches and flares, but the maps are made, the monsters are tracked out, the NPCs have their motivations clear. The Mists of Akuma Mega Adventures Kickstarter gives two books to GMs to use in the Shadow of the Demon Lord setting.

From the campaign:

This project is to fund two books for two game systems (D&D 5E and Shadow of the Demon Lord): the Trade War adventure path and Imperial Matchmaker urban mega adventure. Trade War's 5E version is 338 pages that are 100% FINISHED! It ties together 6 existing adventures into one narrative that has PCs traveling all over the continent of Soburin before facing off against the Pale Master in Hone-Noroi bone keep as fierce battle rages in its shadow. You can watch a walkthrough of the print proof in a 12 minute video at the bottom of the project page. Imperial Matchmaker happens entirely in the metropolis of Sanbaoshi (the capital of the Imperial Prefecture) over the course of 1 month where the emperor has declared 20 brides and grooms from four warring clans to get married, thus ending ages of intrigue and conflict. There are free PDFs (each more than 40 pages!) for both D&D players and the minions of the Demon Lord--please check out the Kickstarter, maybe take a look at those freebies on Google Drive, and consider pledging. Thank you!

The campaign's roughly 2/3 of the way to its goal with still 12 days to go.