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The Mirror Tells Her Lies RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

The Mirror Tells Her Lies is a new adventure from Michael Hopcroft Press, a new company that's looking to create adventures for the d100 OGL system. In it players are looking to figure out the secrets of a mysterious church that seems to turn everyone that even ventures close into crazed husks of what they once were. The adventure is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

A church from which all are turned away. The haunted eyes of past visitors. A missing leader throwing a town into panic. These phenomena lead PCs into a battle against elemental evil – or, as one character describes it, “Pure Sin”. 

This is the premise of “The Mirror Tells Her Lies”, a short roleplaying adventure module for the d100 system released under the Open Gaming License. It is also the starting point for Michael Hopcroft Press, a new company I am  founding. I'm Michael Hopcroft, the co-author of HeartQuest: Romantic Roleplaying in the Worlds of Shoujo Manga and The Kevin and Kell Roleplaying Game.“The Mirror Tells Her Lies” is created under OpenQuest, an open-content version of the d100 rules. OpenQuest plays easily, yet is still compatible with the numerous d100 game systems out there in the wild. 

Unlike a certain set of systems, which I'm pretty sure you already know, d100 games do not have systems that rigidly enforce character morality. Also, for competent PCs death is still in the picture from any combat however one-sided it looks. 

"The Mirror Tells Her Lies" takes full advantage of this quality. It is a take on the moral quandaries faced by PCs, in a place where all the dark places of their souls will be used against them. It is a short adventure, playable in one to two sessions, designed for experienced characters and players who love roleplaying their characters as opposed to hacking away at everything they see!

The campaign's 7/10 of the way to its goal (they're only asking for 100 bucks) with 12 days left to go.