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The Magical Land of Yeld: Mermaid Hunters RPG Expansion Up On Kickstarter

You come across a magical door that leads to a wonderful, fantasy land. However, the door locks behind you and you must find the keys to re-open it, lest you're stuck there forever. Now, I mean, I can't really think that I'd like to come home from a land of fantasy and magic (not that my life's bad, of course, but really, how many of us would be like, "Bye, Felicia!" if we found a magic door to a fantasy land), but if you stick around too long, you turn into a monster. So, going home is probably a good idea. That's where you find yourself in the Magical Land of Yeld RPG. There's a new book up on Kickstarter for it called Mermaid Hunters.

From the campaign:

Hi. My name is Jake. In 2016 my brother Nick and I launched a Kickstarter for our all ages tabletop role playing game The Magical Land of Yeld, based on my  webcomic  Modest Medusa. The project took us over two years to finish and deliver, but since its release last year Yeld has been a big success with players all over the world. Now we're back with a brand new boxed starter set for Yeld called Mermaid Hunters!

Mermaid Hunters is designed to be a perfect introduction to the all ages Yeld RPG. We know that starting a new role playing game can be difficult, so the Mermaid Hunters set gives you everything you need to get your adventures in Yeld started!

In Mermaid Hunters you and your friends will create child characters and discover a secret door leading to The Magical Land of Yeld. Explore the strange new world, discover treasure and help the people of Lake Town fight off a wicked Mermaid Gang!

The campaign's about 1/3 of the way to its goal with 27 days left.