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The Legend of Gimcrack Jack RPG Adventure Book Up On Kickstarter

Many of my friends have kids. Many of those kids are just getting to the age where they want to join mommy and daddy in their game nights. However, going full-on into a regular adventure might be a bit much for them. Thankfully, there's more kid-oriented and family-friendly gaming adventures out there all the time. One such is The Legend of Gimcrack Jack, a new fantasy adventure for 5th Edition that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Little Feet is a collection of adventure books for children ages 6-12 and their parents. Each book is composed of three chapters, and each chapter can be run in one or two hours of playing time. This way, play sessions can be run on weeknights between dinner and bed time as well as weekends. It is our hope that Little Feet Adventures will help parents introduce family-friendly, role-playing games to their children with fascinating stories, fun characters, and convenient, play sessions.

Each Little Feet Adventure book is 32 pages of G-rated content, and is beautifully illustrated in full color.

In Little Feet Adventures, the players portray one of the smaller races. Children can play dwarves, gnomes, or halflings. They may also choose from Little Feet original races like the ratatosk who are squirrel people with a penchant for telling tall tales, or the shape-changing, racoon folk, called the tanuki. Their characters will belong to Little Feet, Inc, a group that includes caravan guards, magic-users, and other lovable rogues who work for those who need help in exchange for favors.

The campaign's closing in on 4/5 funded, but there's only 8 days left to go.