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The Keep Studios Running Dungeon Crawl Classics: Soul for the Ocean Dark

There's a lot of interesting world-concepts out there, and I think this goes along with them. Players in Soul for the Ocean Dark will be placed in a world where there is no sun or moon, but just a massive lighthouse that provides light for the realm. One day, the light goes out. I'm guessing that the adventure involves more than going to Home Depot and getting a replacement bulb. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Soul for the Ocean Dark is a 0 level funnel adventure designed for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG system. It is the story of an impossible call to adventure with the highest of stakes: save a world interrupted, or face certain doom. 

Players will create characters from a dark and isolated world which has never known a sun. A towering, mystical lighthouse provides the closest thing to natural light for this world. Since time immemorial, it has pushed back against the oppressive darkness of the Void, providing salvation from the endless horrors that await in the dark. Suddenly, the world is plunged into darkness. With the hope of their people on their shoulders, and sputtering torches in their hands, the players must seek the missing light. 

From a dark and grim foray through the Fungus Wilds, to consoling a god, to besting a tempest storm – players must gather all of their wits and resolve to face their destiny. 

The Kickstarter's about 2x funded with 25 days left to go.