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The Hunting Party Scenario for Ragnarok: Age of Wolves Available Now

A hunting trip can potentially be dangerous all on its own. When that trip takes place at the start of Ragnarok, it's even a bit more dangerous. But the community needs food, and it's up to you to provide it. Though you might want to suit up a bit extra, just in case. That's where you find yourself in The Hunting Party, a new scenario for Ragnarok: Age of Wolves from Skirmisher Publishing. You can pick up your copy now.

From the release:

Venturing out to hunt in the early part of the Ragnarok is not for the faint of heart or for those who are un­prepared. But obtaining food is essential to feeding a settlement that has run through most or all of its winter stores already, that awaits the warmer months of planting with growing unease, and that hungers as rations are cut again. 

“The Hunting Party” is a scenario for the Ragnarok: Age of Wolvesminiatures wargame that provides an en­counter between a band of Human warriors and a clan of the little folk known as Dvergar. It is designed for use with Skirmisher Publishing’s “Viking Warriors” and “Dvergar Warriors” factions for Ragnarok: Age of Wolves — which include stats for all the combatants mentioned in this publication — and its system-free sets of “Viking Warriors” and “Dwarf Soldiery” sets of Cardstock CharactersTM. If desired, however, it could be played with stats culled from the core book and any appropriate miniatures. This publication also includes a sheet of 18 Mountain Goat miniatures that can be printed out on card stock and assembled for use with this and other scenarios. 

Ragnarok: Age of Wolves is a skirmish-level game for novice and experienced tabletop players alike that emulates the desperate small-scale actions that might result during the unending winter that is the first stage of the Viking Apocalypse. As crops fail and food grows scarce, banditry becomes rife as formerly good folk are driven to extremes and bad men take advantage of chaos and hardship. Beasts haunt the wilds and prowl the outskirts of palisaded settlement and isolated steading alike. Trolls and their ilk gather, marauders sweep brigands and more into their bands, and whispers abound of gaunt giant wolves and worse, glimpsed in the swirl of a snowstorm. And where such monsters and everlasting winter hold sway, Frost Giants cannot be far behind ...