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The Hero's Journey Challenge Contest Happening Now

Are you good at creating interesting characters for your games? How about creating a mini for them as well? If so, Hero Forge and Worldanvil want to hear from you. You could win a bronze version of your hero. They're running their Hero's Journey Challenge now.

From the website:

Hero Forge and Worldanvil want to hear about a Hero that is in your world, what they are famous for, and how they came to be!  First thing to get done is to make your Character template article on World Anvil. Write all about your hero, where they came from, what they did, and how people remember them. Add some quotes! Maybe even a short narrative if you are feeling extra-inspired! What these heros could have done is up to you, perhaps they were the leader of a great expedition? Or brought a life-saving technology to a civilization? Did they slay a great ceature? Or maybe they did nothing and got recognition out of a silly set of events? It's all up to you!  Then we'd love to see a portrait made in Hero Forge! Hero Forge has a ton of options for all sorts of races, outfits, accesories, and poses! Take a screenshot of your creation and use it as your character portrait!  Make sure to use that Hero Forge portrait! It'll bring your character to life, and the winners will be getting a free bronze print of their hero on Hero Forge!