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The Haunting of Eliuska Manor RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

Haunted houses. They're filled with mystery and possible terror. Strange sounds. Flickering lights. Doorways that seem to come and go. All combine to give a very unsettling feeling to the location. But it's just the sort of place adventurers tend to find themselves. The Haunting of Eliuska Manor is a new 5th edition RPG adventure that takes players to an old manorhouse. The adventure is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The haunted house: a setting that has fascinated us since we first moved from the open wilds into homes contained in stone. Take your adventurers into a terrifying mansion filled with all the things we love about horror movies, haunted houses, and spooky adventures! The adventurers have been asked to investigate a lord’s manor after another team of heroes went in and never returned. They will follow the clues deep into the bowels of the giant manor hoping to unlock its gruesome secrets.

The Haunting of Eliuska Manor is an adventure for 4 to 6 adventurers of level 4 to 6.

The adventure is 50+ pages of adventure, new creatures, and maps.

Kickstarter has allowed the writers and artists of SagaBorn to make high-quality RPG products for the past four years. This would not have been possible without the help of backers from Kickstarter.

The money for this project pays for the writing, art, design, editing, and production of the book, and allows us to continue to make great products for our fans well into the future.

The campaign's about 1/2 way to their goal with 18 days left to go.