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The Gray Cap Cantina Raid Scenario for Imperial Assault Now Available

When you make a game that's app-driven, you can release new content by simply creating an update for the app. And that's what we have here from Fantasy Flight. They've created a new scenario for Imperial Assault and all you need to do is head over to the Legend of the Alliance app and grab it for yourself. Check out The Gray Cap Cantina Raid.

From the announcement:

You've explored the depths of Malastare and somehow managed to survive. Maybe you’ve even inscribed your name in the Hall of Legends. But can your ragtag team of Rebels survive their next daring raid?

The Gray Cap Cantina Raid for Star Wars™: Imperial Assault is available now in the Legends of the Alliance app


An oppurtunity has presented itself to your team of Rebels. With the element of surprise on your side, can you defeat a legion of Imperial officers? The time for hesistation and recon is over, prepare for an all-out firefight in the Gray Cap Cantina Raid for Imperial Assault!