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The Genesys Project Miniatures Game Up On Kickstarter

Have you ever had an idea for a faction for a game, and always just hoped that it would come out, but it never does? That's not a problem with The Genesys Project. It's a miniatures game that allows you to build and customize your own factions. Play the figs you want to play. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Gary Krieger (AKA Natfka), after many years of playing board games, started playing miniatures wargames in 1998 and has run the incredibly successful wargaming news blog Faeit212 since 2004. Gary noticed over the years that many of the factions he played had special rules that he never used, and fantastic minis with rules that didn’t live up to their background. Also, when new editions of games were released, Gary found that some of the armies he had spent so much time learning to play well (not to mention the countless hours of making them look good), that changes to rules caused significant changes to how those armies played – not always for the better.

This was the starting point for The Genesys Project.

The Genesys Project is a unit-based skirmish game, with games involving 30-50 models typically taking no more than two hours. 

Over the last six years, Gary has been writing and playtesting The Genesys Project to create a rules system that gives players more control over their collections and the way they want to play. The Genesys Project not only provides a tactical wargame, but gives players to the means to create their own factions drawn from one of five Domains - building units of troop types using a detailed yet easily navigable system balanced with points values. Hundreds of playtesters the world over have been involved in the development and refining of the system, and no two factions created need be the same. 

In addition to creating your own factions, The Genesys Project includes a campaign system that sees your army evolve and heroes emerge to lead it forward through the various Ages. The Birth of Genesys (1st AGE) is a fantasy/medieval/Renaissance setting, The Wars of Genesys (2nd AGE) is a near-future/dystopian/post-apocalyptic setting, while The Terminus of Genesys (3rd AGE) is a far-future setting. You and your gaming group have the opportunity to weave your own stories around the factions you create, setting your armies up to gain glory and be forever remember for their epic struggles!

This Kickstarter campaign is to fund a printed version of the first two books for The Genesys Project CORE RULES (a 96-page book) and The Genesys Project The Birth of Genesys  (a 144+ page book).

The campaign is just up and over its funding goal with 18 days left to go.