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The Game: Quick and Easy Now Available

While the title might say Quick and Easy, that doesn't refer to you being able to just win The Game over and over again. It's still tough, but the rules have been slimmed down a bit to make play even faster and simpler to pick up. You can get your copies of the new The Game: Quick and Easy now from Pandasaurus.

From the announcement:

Just like in the award-winning original, in The Game: Quick & Easy everyone works together as a team to play as many cards as possible on two stacks. On your turn, play one or two cards then draw back up. On one stack, cards are played in ascending order (1-10). On the other stack, they are played in descending order (10-1).

Cards come in five different colors, with numbers 1-10 in each color. There's a trick: you can ignore the ascending/descending rule when playing cards on top of a matching color!