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The Forgotten Rights of the Moldering Dead RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

And the award for "most interesting title of the day" goes to The Forgotten Rights of the Moldering Dead, an RPG supplement that's all about giving you more information about that most classic of RPG monsters: undead. But not just a monster book, there's all sorts of things in there, including funerary rights, laments, processions and celebrations, and many ways to update the undead in your games. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

What's more classic than adventurers opening ancient tombs, liberating grave goods, and slaying the foul un-dead fiends protecting those treasures? The Forgotten Rites of the Moldering Dead will provide you with tables galore to expand upon the undying inhabitants of decrepit burial sites and inspire new levels of the macabre in your gaming sessions. 

Like The Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion, The Forgotten Rites will be filled with tables, original art, and old woodcut illustrations. Unlike The Lesser Key, this book focuses on the dead, un-dead, and death. It will contain generators for the following and much more:

  • Death Processions and Funerary Marches
  • Burial Practices and Entombment
  • What Grows Where the Dead Rest
  • Emissaries of Death
  • Random Powers of the Un-Dead
  • Appearance of the Un-Dead
  • Adventure Hooks AKA "The Smell of Death Surrounds You"

The campaign's closing in on 10x funded with 15 days left to go.