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The Folio: Quarterly #5 Up On Kickstarter

It's two, two, two adventures in one! That's what's happening with The Folio: Quarterly #5. Not content to just have a single adventure, the creators decided to go with two. One's a more traditional realm, while the other is a steampunk-esque "mage-punk" setting. You can check them out now over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

When I launched the first Digital Quarterly, I was inspired by a couple of light novels that I'd produced back in 2013/14 with artist David Deitrick called The Gun Kingdoms.  I combined a fantasy setting with the early ages of the industrial revolution, and we had a blast doing it.  Since so much work had gone into world building it, as well as the fact that it was set in the Nameless Realms distant future of my other traditional fantasy novels, I figured why not create some adventures around it.  

My first two Digital Quarterlies revolved around this setting, and I've always been inspired by drawing in bits of old history to sprinkle through those adventures.  Since the next two Digital Quarterlies were both traditional fantasy, I had a choice to make about what kind of Digital Quarterly I wanted to produce for number 5, and then it hit me, why not do both!  So what you will find in this DQ will actually be TWO adventures, one that will revolve around traditional fantasy, and the other in my future 'mage-punk' setting of The Gun Kingdoms.  Each adventure can be stand alone, but they also can tie directly to each other, and you could have ancient documents, descendants, or old legends connect the past to the present as this dungeon adventure takes on new features, monsters, and magic.  

As you can tell, I'm really, really excited about this one, and how it can introduce you to mixing genres, and how you can created history and story arcs that players will really get attached to. 

The campaign's up and above its funding goal with 12 days left to go.