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The Fall of Mith: the Siege RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

Continuing on the adventure started in Mithos Manor, The Siege continues the Fall of Mith campaign series. The mithians are still in trouble from all angles and it's up to the characters to decide which of the three presently-pressing matters they will tackle and in which order. This fantasy adventure designed to work with 5th Edition is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

This is a 5E compatible adventure designed to take four characters of sixth level through the first major efforts to consolidate the forces of Mith after they were attacked. The adventure is designed to run about four, four hour sessions. Though it follows the previous adventure Mithos Manor, it can be dropped into any campaign as a combination of four individual side quests or one with four parts like the main version.

It follows the adventure after Mithos Manor the players will meet again any of the friends they managed to save from that adventure. They are then given a quick overview of the current situation the mithians find themselves in and given a choice of three tasks they can undertake to assist the mithians. They are of course promised what material rewards the mithians can. The mithians are a rich people and even with their besieged status they can scrounge up coin and art pieces to pay off the adventurers for their assistance. The party will have the time to attempt the three tasks given to them (and one more they discover as they travel.) Though they will have time to rest as they travel they will not have time to tarry over long. For the siege of mith is ongoing, and every moment matters.

Assuming the group survives the story, it culminates with three possible endings. One, the party, having failed have made no serious contributions to the mithian war effort. Two, the party, succeeding in at least a few of their tasks have the thanks of the mithians for their assistance, as well as the promised rewards. Three, the party, succeeding on all the tasks have greatly helped the mithians, and set them up to be in an advantageous position for the retaking of mith in the upcoming adventures.

I am currently estimating the page total to be in the 60s, but as the PDF if not yet finished we cannot be sure

The Kickstarter is far and away over its funding goal (being fair, they only wanted 100 bucks to start), with 24 days left to go.