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The Eyes Have It Case Note for Liminal Available From Modiphius

Another new case for Liminal has been released from Modiphius in pdf format. It's called The Eyes Have It and it continues the story that was started in their previous adventure, One Boggart's Rubbish. When an MP is murdered, it's up to the crew to investigate just what happened.

From the website:

An MP has been murdered, and the crew must investigate. This brings involves them in secretive matters of great political importance, in both the mundane world and Hidden World.

Join us in this 12 page London-based adventure for the Liminal RPG, where the magical and mundane worlds collide in the modern day United Kingdom.

The Worshipful Company of Investigators or the player character crew – London’s premier collection of Hidden World problem solvers – are asked to investigate a matter of the highest delicacy. An MP has been found dead, with his eyes cleanly removed and replaced by something …wrong!

This adventure is a sequel to ‘One Boggart’s Rubbish’ and uses some elements of the Pax Londinium sourcebook but it can be played independently without any changes.