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The Doom of Northwood RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

The Doom of Northwood is a new RPG adventure for 5th Edition D&D that's up on Kickstarter now. Though more than just a simple adventure, it's also a monster compendium. So, DMs can use it to fill in for a couple sessions, or they can just pick out whatever monsters they like and throw them at the party. Because who doesn't love throwing new monsters at the party?

From the campaign:

The project is currently 60% developed and we wish to raise funds in order to correctly translate an English edition as Spanish is our native language. With any remaining funds, we would start a new game studio as it would allow us to dedicate more time and focus on our RPG projects, which we are keen to share with you all.

The Doom of Northwood is a 60-page adventure involving, as you would expect, a doomed city of undead creatures and new game mechanics that will be ideally suited for Dark Souls fans. It has dungeons, combat, investigation, and last but not least amazing custom artwork by Adrian Prado.

“Monsters of Gea - Northwood region” is a monster manual currently containing monsters and unique encounters described as “Hard modes”. These are planned to be exceptionally dangerous and challenging for more advanced players. We hope that as we achieve stretch goals, we will be able to develop this manual further, with more horrors and aberrations still in the works. Inside each book we have fitted two subclasses that are perfect for our game setting. First, the Cleric of the Steel Cross Order. He is a hybrid of mage hunter-cleric devoted to Aio, the Sun God.

The campaign's more than 2x funded, but only has 3 days left to go.