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The Cursed King RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

Dead Channel Studios is running a Kickstarter campaign for The Cursed King, the third part in their adventure series. Having pre-made adventures is a great way to streamline the work of a DM and get you more time to simply enjoy your RPG.

From the campaign:

We have returned to bring you the Cursed King which is a multi-part 5E adventure series set around the mysterious Cursed King and the Flower of Lythillium. The series will start for players level 1 to 5. We have already produced 2 episodes which you can get with this Kickstarter!

Cursed King features high-quality maps and artwork, the adventure is designed for new and existing players. There is also a great deal of expansive lore and story for you to building your own adventure with the land. This book acts as an expansion to your game!

The Adventure features high-quality maps which you can get as part of the digital pack! These are to help people play safely online during these times.

The campaign is about halfway to its goal with 29 days to go.