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The Complete Illustrated Book of Conjuration Up On Kickstarter

The spells in D&D all have these fantasical descriptions of what happens when you cast them. However, in light of trying to not make the book an extra several hundred pages, they just give those short text blurbs. Well, the Complete Illustrated Book of Conjuration looks to fix that, giving you detailed drawings of just what's going on when your character casts one of these spells. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

This beautifully illustrated spell book is 100 pages and includes a personal grimoire in the back of the book for your personal homebrew spells for the game.  It is available in PDF, Soft Cover, and Hard Cover versions.

  • 100 pages
  • There are 86 spells total
  •  Book size for both hardcover and softcover is 8 X 10 
  •  Over 40+ illustrations and variant accent pieces throughout the book 
  •  The money is needed for artwork, printing, and shipping
  • There is a reward option to get ALL 3 spellbooks as well in hardcover or softcover 

How this book came into your hands.....

Images from the book below.....

There was not much light in the room, mostly ambient hues shuddering through the cracks of the ceiling onto the stone walls, and although I could barely see the flagstone flooring, I knew it was damp.  My soft leather boots padded forward into the claustrophobic room; for this was the altar room of Ashlen Tillenger.

I lit a match and set alight to my lantern.  My eyes phased out with the sudden bright light, but then relaxed and took in the horrid sight that lay just in front of my left foot.  Jutting outward between two flagstones was a hand and wrist.  It was as if the flooring had closed about it, hugging the soft flesh and propping it up in its last grasp of reality.  The hand was in a vertical state, its fingers twisted and poised, I could see a glint of light from the ring finger.

The campaign's closing in on 7x funded (granted, they weren't asking for a lot) with 34 days left to go.