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The Chronicles of Keranow RPG Campaign Up On Kickstarter

If you're a DM, you've got a lot of work to do creating a campaign. Gotta come up with the world, the story, the encounters, the NPCs... or, you could have someone else do all that for you. Enter The Chronicles of Keranow, more than just an adventure, it's an entire campaign that can take your D&D group from 1st up to 20th level. The campaign is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Hello. Thanks for taking the time to read this. This Kickstarter is to raise funds to complete The Chronicles of Keranow campaign for the 5th Edition Fantasy RPG. It is inspired by myths of the British Isles, The Norse Lands, and France. It seeks to lightly draw in elements from Historic Cornish, Arthurian, Celtic, and Viking legends, with added inspiration from humanity’s love and fear of the sea as evoked by William Hope Hodgson and H P Lovecraft.

This Kickstarter will fund 4 more original adventures and allow a thorough re-edit and format of two previous adventures in the series, which were created before the 5th edition SRD was released.  Each of the four new adventures will be about 25,000 words (50+ pages).

The Chronicles of Keranow campaign includes:

The Last Prayer of the Dying. The party are travelling to the new frontier to help return an ancient Duchy to its former glory. A chance encounter with the legendary 'Arisen Knight', an old hero, sets them on a path to adventure.  For 1st-level PCs.

The Cruellest Mistress Of All. The PCs are in a harbour while researching clues to the whereabouts of a long-lost fortress, when the town is suddenly attacked by an ancient enemy: the Orc Reavers from over the Great Sea. For 4th-level PCs.

Lament for the Elf Princess [NEW!] The heroes of Keranow are invited to the Grand Marriage of the Princess of the Ker elves to the Duke of Tamarin’s youngest son. Things do not go to plan. The PCs are invited to be guests, or guards, of honour! For 7th-level PCs.

The Lost Swords of Power [NEW!] Having survived the bizarre mirror-world of the Fae, rumours are rife of the return of dragons to the land. The scramble is on to find how and why they have returned. A search for ancient weapons begins in case the dragons have a malicious intent. This means a trip to the mysterious island of Lyonesse. For 10th-level PCs.

The Last Call of the Ancients [NEW!] Armed now with weapons, the brave Knights of Keranow face enormous Wyrms from the ocean depths, and even such mighty heroes will feel this terror from the sea. For 13th-level PCs.

A Time of Myth and Legend [NEW!] The PCs have prevailed against the draconic menace that threatened to burn the world, and now they must face off against a foe who has plagued them throughout their adventuring career. Zuvicius the Decrepit, now desperate after many setbacks, brings forth one final plan. For 16th-level PCs, who should reach 20th level by campaign’s end.

The Kickstarter's about 3/4 of the way to its goal with 26 days left to go.