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The Campaigner Issue 28 Now Available

When you want to fill your day with gaming info, a gaming magazine is an excellent way to do it. And, once more, The Campaigner is here to be that gaming magazine. Issue 28 is now available. As usual, it's absolutely packed with amazing content, with articles on items like Feudum, Fragged Empire, 3Mates Games, and more. You can get your issue now.

In this issue:

Fighter or farmer, there is something for everyone in Issue 28 of The Campaigner. Enter a world of Lords, serfs and monsters in an ever changing kingdom with out Feudum game feature. We crawl inside Mark Swanson’s brain and hear his thoughts about what inspired him, developing the game and learn the history of the title. Worlds of Roleplay pits our heroes against Minotaur’s, but with results that may surprise you. Our favourite Nigerian board game designer and tabletop advocate, Kenechukwu Ogbuagu, returns in If You Build It. This time to tell us about the countries first board game cafe, which he helped to create. Our adventures in Mordheim continue, this time with the team doing some sightseeing as they show of their fantastic terrain in The Circus is Coming: Architects of Ruin.  Wondering what is up with Fragged Empire? In Living the Fragged Life we talk to Wade Dyer about expanding his Fragged team. While in The Truth Is Out There, Stephen Ripamonti from 3Mates Games talks about the publisher taking on the struggling Kickstarter game Above Top Secret. All this plus the latest instalment of FLGS Worldwide, Mastering the Game from PK Byron, Matthew reflecting on the closure of Rule & Make, and much more.